ELVEA  SpA is a company that has its roots in the origins of canned food processing sector, representing the evolution of the company Luigi Vitelli & Sons, founded in 1885 for the export of Italian products to  U.S.A. market, as a consequence of the massive  wave emigration at the end of the century.
The pure commercial activity was followed by the construction of one of the most important establishments of the time, located in Angri in 1921.
Thanks to work and devotion of four generations, ELVEA has gained, in more than a century of experience, a glamorous position in the international markets, particularly in Belgium, where winning costumers’ and consumers’ confidence,  it is market leader since many years.

ELVEA mission has always been to keep a high level quality product and service,  as well as  to develop, improve and research new products to be introduced in the market, with reference to the product itself and packaging.
In recent years, in fact, ELVEA, has succeeded in establishing more and more its brand identity, adding to typical tomato products (i.e. peeled, double concentrate, etc.)  new products, such as chopped tomatoes and pulps, or  “CUBETTI”, a wide range of enriched natural chopped tomatoes, satisfying taste and needs of the reference market, without losing anyway the Italian tradition of a good cooking taste.

At the same time, ELVEA is equipped to meet the more and more demanding “retail” needs, which means  highest quality standards, less goods manipulation and, above all, a better  customization of the packaging.